Letters to Scout
This is my venue to write letters to my beautiful surprise addition, my lovely daughter Scout. Due to the fact that she was unplanned, I was having a difficult time during the pregnancy. I was advised to write letters to her before she was born to help bond with her. These are the letters I started back then and continue now. She's here with us now and we couldn't ever imagine life without her.

We try to raise Scout as free-spirited as possible.

My name is Rae. I'm a nurse with an extreme case of wanderlust. I'm married to the man of my dreams, Alex. We currently live in a beautiful two flat in the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago. We live with our best friend Kyle, who is also Scout's godfather. We spend our time seeking out adventures, learning new hobbies, and wrangling our two year old on the city subway.

You can see my personal blog at: storyworthylife.tumblr.com

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February 28th
10:26 PM Central Standard Time


Here is a video of your first time at the pool! This is at our new (100% paid for) apartment complex provided by American Mobile. I have to admit, this travel nursing gig has been awesome so far. Three 12 hour night shifts a week; but every other moment is free time for us in sunny southern Florida. Housing and utilities are paid for and travel is reimbursed. It’s rough adjusting to a new work environment so quickly- (a got a 12 hour shift for training), and also it’s rough being away from family and friends. But we are still ecstatic about this, it feels surreal. Your dad and I will often look at each other and say: “Wow, we live in Florida.” Tomorrow we’re taking a day trip to Sanibel island and Thursday will bring something else fun. 

You have been so full of fantastic cuteness lately, that I’m trying to video tape more often. Woo hoo! 

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